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The world is your oyster, as over 2 billion around the world speak English
The world is your oyster

”English is the largest language by number of speakers, and the third most-spoken native language in the world, after Standard Chinese and Spanish”

Keeping this quote from Wikipedia in mind, it simply makes sense to learn to speak English. To that end the English Puppet is here to serve you, to guide you, and to take you on your journey of learning to speak fluent English.

With over ten years teaching experience there is no better an English tutor than the English Puppet.

To us you will never be just a student in a class, or a random stranger taking a lesson in English. You will become a member of our club, someone you can call on anytime for assistance or guidance on your journey of learning another language.

Become fluent in the universal language of English

Enroll today to learn to speak the third most popular language on earth as spoken by over 2 billion people.

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“Învață să vorbești fluent engleza”

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